Borp a’ Dorp Skorp Dorp Da Doop Goot Skoot Ta Froot Goot Ma Stoot Hoot La Boob Skup La Bup Mup Skunk Borp a Porp Noot Foot Kloot Froot Skoot Tloot Goot Boot Du Spoop Klook Moop a Troot Root Hoot a Sroot Bloot Moot Mi Ski Fri Me An Lee Pee In The Skis

Who Is Dort

This is Dort No one knows the origin of Dort. Some say he is from Tampoon Kenosh, but no one really knows where that is. Dort was found in a barrel in the Vermont River on May 33rd, 1992. Dort speaks in clicks and only in quotes from the movie, “Kiss Of The Guardian”, which

Young Yuds Rise To Fame.

Otto Nash (born September 9th, 2014), known professionally as Young Yud, is an American rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his rap song, “Calm Down Young Yud ft. Jay Cock” which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. His other songs, “Frisky And Precious”, “Humanist Coalition” and “Swayin n Sprayin” were also


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